About Us

Core Property Services Inc. has been satisfying customers for two decades. Our services reach a broad client base that includes residential properties, commercial properties, new construction, facelifts, and public accounts. We have steadily increased our customer base for the past 12 years and pride ourselves on making a distinctive impression and providing consistently beautiful results.
Since our inception, we have grown into a landscaping powerhouse. Whether providing landscape designs, adding elegant water features or modern paving designs, our property maintenance team is second to none. Offering year round service programs (including snow removal and seasonal flower planting) with scheduled monthly payments or a la carte services, we can customize a property maintenance program around your budget.
Enjoy a healthy, green lawn!
Core Property Services Inc. also offers lawn care and treatment. Let our experts come to you and customize a lawn care program for your lawn. With a seven step treatment plan, your lawn can be insect, disease and weed free. Should your lawn require a little extra care we can provide that as well with our seed and feed accelerant program consisting of spring and fall seeding to go with our fertilizing applications, which will leave your lawn thick, green and lush!
Increase your home’s curb appeal!
Core Property Services Inc. specializes in home facelifts. These consist of revitalizing an old worn lawn or installing a planting and paving package that can accentuate existing features of your home while making the property look new. They are a cost effective way to beautify your property allowing you to keep dollars in your pocket and the neighbor’s eyes on beautiful landscape.