Lawn Maintenance

Regardless of the type of property, its outward appearance has a lot to do with its value. That appearance is often affected first and foremost by the condition of the lawn.† At Core Property Service we believe that a healthy lawn begins with regular maintenance with quality equipment.† Our maintenance crews service our customers every week with equipment that is cleaned and cared for daily, leaving their lawns even, edged and looking its best.† In addition to weekly cutting and edging, we also provide:

  • A multi-step program beginning in March/April and continuing through November/December covering a wide range of fertilization, pesticide application, soil pH treatments, etc. to give your lawn what it needs to thrive against the challenges of each particular season
  • Full lawn restorations, including aeration, thatching, seeding, composting, and grading to get your lawn back to its best after the toughest parts of summer and winter
  • Sod installation and patching to give you the lush, even, green lawn everyone wants in just a matter of hours