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Residential Property Maintenance

The value of your home is not just the market price of your house but the life you live on that property, inside and out. A clean yard with a well planned design is an integral part of getting the most out of your home. Whether it’s routine lawn cutting and edging, fertilizing, seeding or laying sod; shrub trimming, planting, or spraying; gutter cleaning, or landscape / hardscape design, let Core Property Service take care of it all. At Core, we are dedicated to true landscape management: creating space on your property that increases the value, and your enjoyment of, the home.

Lawn Restoration & Maintenance

The lawn is usually the first thing people notice about a residential property, but keeping a green, weed-free lawn can be more than a weekend chore. With preventative maintenance and reseeding, a structured fertilizer, pesticide, and fungicide regiment, and lawn aeration and thatching, Core Property Service can have your lawn always looking its best. If you’re looking for a more immediate fix for a struggling lawn we also lay sod, cutting in an instantly perfect lawn in hours. Whatever your budget, Core Property Service can come up with a plan to keep your home’s first impression a good one all year long.

Core Care

Following an initial spring clean-up, customers can choose from our wide array of services to build a maintenance plan that works for them and their budget. If you are the customer who wants a full service package, consider our Core Care program. Core Care customers get a summary of their services for the upcoming year and pay a flat monthly rate. Everything taken care of without ever having to call, including snow and ice removal; no worrying about when your seasonal flowers will come, whether your gutters need to be cleaned, or how to deal with that dead spot in your hedge. The experienced landscape professionals at Core Property Service will take care of the worrying so you can go back to enjoying your home.

Snow & Ice Management

Whether you can’t shovel snow or simply don’t want to, counting on a neighborhood kid to come around and dig you out is risky business, especially with those overnight snowfalls before the morning commute. Tracking the movement and timing of snowstorms constantly, Core Property Service puts together a plan to handle each snowfall as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are you a medical professional, law enforcement officer, or first responder on call at all hours? Let us know, and we will prioritize keeping your driveway passable, even in the thick of the storm.


Your landscape, no matter the size, is a direct reflection of your home and your lifestyle. Our goal is recreate your lifestyle outdoors to enhance your quality of life through the landscape. Contact us today to get started!