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Commercial Property Maintenance

At Core Property Service we recognize how important it is for a business to present an image of professionalism and success to clients and customers. With regular maintenance, turf and shrub treatments, and seasonal planting, Core Property Service will make your first impressions good ones.

Lawn Restoration & Maintenance

At Core Property Service we know image is everything, and nothing presents a successful business more than a lush, vibrant lawn. Many companies can cut your lawn but making your lawn green and vibrant, is what separates Core Property Service from other property maintenance professionals. Our lawn maintenance and restoration plans will make any business look its best, combining regular maintenance, fertilizer and pesticide regiments, aeration, thatching, and seeding. Let our professionals come out and customize a plan that addresses your property’s lawn’s specific needs.

Snow & Ice Management

At Core Property Service we understand that your business cannot take the day off due to snowfall, which is why we begin preparing for winter storms months before they are even forecasted. As storms approach we monitor meteorological data to provide your business with the appropriate snow removal plan. From the beginning of snow accumulation until hours after the storm, Core Crews will make repeated rounds making sure all parking lots, loading bays, walkways, dumpsters, and any other area crucial to your operations are clear and ice free.


Your landscape, no matter the size, is a direct reflection of your home and your lifestyle. Our goal is recreate your lifestyle outdoors to enhance your quality of life through the landscape. Contact us today to get started!