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Landscape Design & Maintenance

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a landscape design on your property, there are always ways to alter your property to maximize its value and utility. A landscape design is not just about ‘making the yard look nice,’ it’s about creating a space where your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. can come together and enjoy all your property has to offer.

Be it a children’s playground, a sitting area within a garden, or a backyard patio, Core Property Service meets with our customers to learn about their needs to make the most of their property within any budget.  We also provide insight to the maintenance requirements of a design, the ideal plants to use for a desired effect, and how different spaces work into an overall aesthetic.  By merging your personality and vision with our expertise, we guarantee to design a landscape that is unique and specific to you and yours!

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Your landscape, no matter the size, is a direct reflection of your home and your lifestyle. Our goal is recreate your lifestyle outdoors to enhance your quality of life through the landscape. Contact us today to get started!